The truth is this: I was a scientist, and then a games designer, and then a typesetter and now I’m an artist… sort of.

The only thread that connects my work is that I like to work on things that are interesting. Problem solving in a creative manner.

I prefer to see my work as a series of collaborations as opposed to ‘jobs for clients’. Maybe that’s because it makes me sound less like a prostitute, or maybe it’s because I realise that the musicians, theatre practitioners and companies I work with are creative entities in their own right.

A while back I had to write an artist statement… one of those where you talk about yourself in the third person. It read like this:

Animator, graphic designer and creative media consultant Adam York Gregory has spent the past eight years working on an eclectic range of projects including: video game design (Prisoner of War, 2002/Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines, 2003); webcomics (The Flowfield Unity, 2006); music video animation (Fingerprints and My Black Dog, 2007), and film for live performance (Bar of Lost Souls, 2010).  Currently interested in the conflicts and confluences between art and science, the relationship between the handmade and the digital, and the discourses of (on/off)line collaboration, Adam has received critical praise for his works Smugness for Dummies (2006), Ugly Things (2009), and The Flowfield Unity (2006–), which Art Patient describes as ‘capturing a ‘moment, sensation or observation that strikes you in a place within yourself that you forgot existed (or never knew)’.

Adam works freelance and in collaboration with artists in live performance, music, new writing and film.  In addition, he works with corporate clients to produce high-quality work that responds creatively and intuitively to the demands of commerce and industry.

Having recently completed a Masters Degree in Professional Contemporary Arts Practice (PROCAP) at Lancaster University (UK), Adam can be contacted via email at (adamyorkgregory@gmail.com) or through the contact section of this site.

‘introspective without being cold, intelligent without being pretentious [Adam York Gregory’s work] captivated me immediately’

Jeanine Higgins, betapwned: 10/01/2008

Update: Everything I wrote above happened nearly five years ago. Since then I have cut my statement down enough to fit on a business card. It reads:

Adam York Gregory – Makes Stuff – Mostly at night, sometimes for money – It makes him happy