A Game of You with The Doll’s House

Client[Zygote] (Martin Iddon & Antti Sakari Saario)
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A Game of You with The Doll’s House (2012), for fixed media, animated score and an ensemble. [zygote] In collaboration with ensemble Notes Inegales and video artist Adam Gregory. UK tour premiere at King’s Place, London, UK, 2 Oct 2012.

[zygote] is an ongoing collaboration between Antti Sakari Saario (b 1974, Lahti, Finland) and Martin Iddon (b 1975, Manchester, UK). Following the example of Deleuze and Guattari, who suggest that, especially in collaboration, each individual is always already ‘many’, the [zygote] project examines the network of possibilities created within situations which seek to negate traditional concepts of authorship. It tries instead to interrogate deterritorialised lines of flight generated through the collision of multiple modes of what it might mean to become authorial.