The Flowfield Unity

The Flowfield Unity is a hand-drawn, web and print comic which began in 2005. The strips initially appeared in several UK-based publications such as the Paper Tiger Comix Anthology and The Orphan Leaf Review before debuting in US literary journals such as The Florida Review (vol 30.2, 2005) and the Backwards City Review (vol 2.2, 2006).

You can still visit it, in digital form at

At the time, a review at betapwned stated:

Readily reminiscent of repetitive pop art, The Flowfield Unity is one of my favorite comics. Introspective without being cold, intelligent without being pretentious, this simple black and write strip captivated me immediately…

…Typically rhythmic, sometimes even to the point of rhyming verse, the writing has a ponderous nature. Occasionally the strip runs on highly intellectual puns, more often than not it’s fueled by introspection, memory, and imagination.

Whilst Art Patient said:

The artist captures a moment, sensation or observation that strikes you in a place within yourself that you forgot existed (or never knew.) Those are the kinds of comics you clip from the newspaper and hang on the icebox (a.k.a. fridge.) You never just stick up any old Peanuts comic, you always pick the comic that tells a truth.