Two Peas Without a Pod

ClientLevantes Dance Theatre
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Two Peas Without a Pod by Levantes Dance Theatre. A performance featuring animated sections and choreography.

Music by the HoneyFeet

How, why, where, when and who we find ourselves synchronizing with can be a mystery; our compulsion to duet our way through life, a life-long fascination.

Fluid and vibrant, Two Peas Without A Pod explores the essence of partnership and the dynamics of co–dependency and competitiveness. Audiences are taken on an indulgent trip to discover the make-up and contradictions of human connections, observing the draw of coupling, how society’s structures stem from this principle and how varying and fascinating these partnerships can be. The absurd and the familiar are married together with set and flamboyant costume in this fantastical cocoon of colourful activity.

Award-winning Levantes Dance Theatre combine contemporary dance theatre practices with visual and live art. Familiar mechanics of pedestrian routine are regularly woven into choreography to develop penetrable, peculiar and often humorous landscapes.