Live Art

Gillian Jane Lees and I work in collaboration making durational and live art performance work.

Almost all of our work together looks at how time and duration can be used to reveal something interesting about the world.

To date, we have toured internationally with several pieces as well as taking on a year long residency in a biochemistry laboratory and two massively multi-participatory works that seek to demystify what can often be seen as an elitist art form.

There's too much to go into here, so please visit our dedicated website:

“...potent, unsettling and discomforting, about success and failure, endurance and breakdown.”

Lyn Gardner

Taking The Time



My work in the theatre is, like all good theatre, a collaborative practice.

I've worked with loads of great people and companies over the last decade... Imitating the Dog, Levantes Dance Theatre, Contact Young Peoples Company, Third Angel, Michael Pinchbeck, The Javaad Alipoor Company, Ali Matthews and Leo Burtin, Lodestar theatre, and many others.

However, I particularly like working with Proto-type Theater, and have worked on the last four shows, culminating in A Machine They're Secretly Building and The Audit.

You can have a look at those shows on their site:

Mostly my role is as a graphic designer, set designer, animator, projectionist and photographer.

"Proto-type’s team have such imagination and clarity of vision… a great antidote to [a] tangled political landscape"