You can find a lot of my writing at www.modernistpunk.com where you can sign up to have it delivered to your inbox in the form of regular newsletters.

I'm particularly interested in arts writing, specifically, trying to find new ways to write about art beyond reviews. As such, I like to write around work, finding context for it and relating it to the wider world beyond gallery walls.

You can read some of this in published form too. Live Art Cliches (and how to avoid them) is a collection of essays around contemporary live art practice.

You can find descriptions and links to all my published works here.


Initially set up as a way to print and distribute my own work, inkCONCRETE has grown to become its own publishing imprint, helping others to get their work out there in a physical medium.

It's a non-traditional publisher for non-traditional texts. For a start there's the main rule that copyright always belongs with the author. Then there is our attitude to printing and distribution. We provide only the services the author or artist needs, and we help them find ways that fit their requirements, whether that is short-run printing, print on demand or digital formats.

We'll even help make zines and newspapers.

To date we've worked with around a hundred writers and artists.

Check out Women & Work by Women & Theatre and With Bread by Leo Burtin.